Curator Club meets once a week and members take turns curating creative work that interests and inspires them. After engaging the work itself, we dialogue about creativity, process, impact, meaning, and digress into any topic that demands our attention.

The meetings generally go until 9:30 or 10:00-ish; we call it a night whenever the conversation has run its course.

The location is generally the same, but we send out weekly emails with info about the next meeting. You can stay updated on the schedule by signing up for the email list.


Curator Club is a community of people with diverse backgrounds, interests, and expressions. The one characteristic that we have in common is our identity as a Creative.

If one of your primary roles or interests involves creating, then you will fit right in. You may be an artist, musician, or actor… Or possibly design plane engines or logos? Do you paint, sculpt, or throw? Maybe you are a chef or a landscape architect? The main point is that your creative process is a significant presence and value in your life.

We welcome all self-designated Creatives to join Curator Club!


Sometimes it is difficult to acknowledge that the intense value you give to a piece of art, music or other creative expression may not be shared by those around you. At times, passion will cloud our awareness that others have no idea how we could think that piece of art is so damn amazing. Of course, in any community you will find people that resonate with your views and those that don’t.

The often unspoken internal reaction when you encounter someone’s object of affection could be, “WHAT THE F#CK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? I have absolutely idea why you find that compelling!!!!”

At Curator Club we love to acknowledge “What the f#ck are you talking about?” moments. Positive connections and shared appreciations commonly arise in conversation, but communities can learn a great deal by addressing various perspectives and responses.

As a community there will be an entire spectrum of agreement and understanding. Curator Club wants to cross-pollinate, value similarities and differences, and believe that our individual creative endeavors will be enhanced by these engagements.


  • Creative impulses are to be valued.
  • Creative inspiration is a motivating factor that we should dissect and discuss.
  • Community should not simply be determined by what people find in common.
  • Taking time to share what interests and inspires you is beneficial for the community.
  • Recognizing, appreciating, and engaging difference is an expression of generosity.
  • It is a worthwhile pursuit to evolve and complexify our understanding of the people around us.
  • Engaging in conversation with other Creatives inspires each of us to value our own creative expression.


For the Curator

  • Bring something for the group to engage with. This should be work that someone else created.
  • The work you show should be something that you wouldn’t want to live without, eg. it is REALLY significant to you. The main distinction to note is that the value you place on it should go beyond simply liking or enjoying it.
  • You should attempt to articulate why it is meaningful to you (or at least prepare for a discussion to figure it out).
  • There is NOT homework for the group. You should attempt to curate in a manner that gives a full experience of the content that you want us to engage.
  • There IS homework for the curator. Be prepared to guide the group through the material you are presenting and then lead a conversation.


Can I share my personal work when I curate?

Curator Club is specifically NOT a critique of your own artwork. We value those conversations and we will set up specific times where we engage that process. In the context of the Club meetings, your work will often be a topic of conversation as it relates to the overall topic, but it should not be the primary point of engagement.

What if I want to curate an experience?

Then do it. If the experience requires a different timeframe or if there is cost involved, then we’ll chat about it as a group.

What is the deal with Book Club?

Some of the Curator Club members are in a book club, so you will always have the option to join in those meetings as well. Book Club meets every 1-2 months during the same time that Curator Club would normally meet.


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